15 Sep 2021 Re|Bank Partners Evex

Evex Clinics has become Re|Bank’s partner. Re|Bank clients can now pay for any service at Evex Clinics with Top|Card and split the cost over the following 3 months equally, no fees added. Even more, when paying with Top|Card customers get additional 10% discount for all the services at Evex Clinics.

You can apply for Top|Card free of charge either online https://rbnk.ge/App, or at Re|Bank branches and sales points https://rebank.ge/en/services/atms-and-branches/ .

The very first payment with Top|Card online or at physical shops will be split into 6 equal parts without any extra charges, so instead of paying the total price all at once, you can pay over 6 months.

„We always try to diversify our partners. Our cooperation with Evex Clinics will make the medical services more affordable for Top|Card owners. Partnership with us is valuable for both sides: the Bank and the Partner, but most of all it’s beneficial for our customers. “– Mikheil Gaprindashvili, Deputy Director at Re|Bank.

"During the pandemic, we saw clearly that health care is a priority. For us, as the largest provider in the primary health care sector, medical services availability is important. To Increase accessibility Evex Clinics implements projects in different fields. From today, customers will be able to receive medical services and distribute their expenses through time, by using a Top|Card.”- George Gordadze, CEO of Evex Clinics.

What is Top|Card?

Top|Card is a shopping card by Re|Bank that allows a shopper to split expenses over a recommended number of months without paying any extra money.

The installment limit of Top|Card is between 250 and 10 000 GEL. The pre-approved limit can be used any time and re-used immediately after repayment.

Re|Bank has more than 1300 partner merchants from different categories and the price-splitting scheme differs at each partner.  Detailed information about Top|Card can be found on our website and through our contact center: rebank.ge | +995 32 222 25 25 | *2525.

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