Purchase products from over 1000 Re|Bank partner merchants
with our installment card and slice your expenses

0% Installment
Effective Interest 0%
An installment card with NO hidden costs! Enjoy shopping with our installment card for a period of up to 12 months at partner merchants and pay only the price of the item you purchase.
Limit up to 5000 GEL
Minimum from 250 GEL
Receive approval of your desired amount in advance and use it whenever and wherever you want.
Truly an interest-free installment
The effective interest rate for the recommended installment periods offered by Re|Bank’s Partners is 0%
Installment Up to 12 Months
Enjoy up to 12 months of interest-free installment at our partner merchants. We offer a welcome bonus to our new Top|Card owners – 6 months interest-free first installment at any of our merchants.*

Detailed information on partners and installment periods can be accessed at:
Partners & Offers

*This applies to the partner merchants where installment duration is up to 6 months.
No hidden costs
You are not paying any additional cost for an item or service purchased though installment. In the case of shopping within partner companies of the Re|Bank, the commission fee will be covered by the respective partner.
Pre-approved limit
Your Top|Card will have a pre-approved installment limit for an amount of 250 – 5000 GEL, which you can utilize multiple times while performing payment at your desired companies.

Partners & Hot Offers


3 Month Installment

Hyundai Electronics

3 Month Installment

PixL Mobi

3 Month Installment


3 Month Installment

In the Shadow of Metekhi

3 Month Installment

Ubani Metekhi

3 Month Installment


3 Month Installment

Bread House

3 Month Installment

New Style

6 Month Installment

Midea - Kutaisi

3 Month Installment

Megatechnica - Kutaisi

12 Month Installment

Megatechnica - Zugdidi

12 Month Installment
3 Month Installment
Debit amount of the Top|Card
Topping up your own funds
You are allowed to add your own funds to the Card. While shopping at non-partner companies, you may choose to pay from your own funds or pay from an installment limit.
Withdrawing cash
You may withdraw cash from any ATM in Georgia and free of charge. Also, you may perform any banking operation by utilizing mobile or internet banks
Cashback and profit
You will accrue a 6% profit on an amount within the debit account. Within partner entities of the Re|Bank, you will receive 1% of the amount spent as cashback; and 0,5% cashback at non-partner entities of the Re|Bank.
Example of payment
5th January
You purchased 3000₾ of electronics in the Re|Bank's partner shop. For this partner, Re|Bank offers 3-months free installment.
16th January
You used 1000₾ installment limit in a touristic agency. For this partner, Re|Bank offers 2-months free installment
20th January
You visited a restaurant with a friend, where you spent 100₾. For this partner, Re|Bank offers a 1-month free grace period.

  • February 1,600 ₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3) + 500 (Touristic agency service / 2)+ 100 (Restaurant fee)
  • March 1,500₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3) + 500 (Touristic agency service / 2)
  • April 1,000₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3)

Top|Card’s debit account may be credited at Re|Bank branches, TBC Payboxes or transferred from any other bank account.
Repayment of the Top|Card installment is possible at Re|Bank branches, TBC Payboxes, contact center or via our internet/mobile banking by activating the “PAY” button on the “installment payment schedule page. To make a payment via contact center or internet/mobile banking sufficient funds are required on the debit account.

How can I get the Top|Card?
Call our contact center:
(+995 32) 222 25 25 | *2525
Visit any Re|Bank branch or pop up desks located at shopping malls
* Please note that we require the confirmation of your income.
Order card and get it without leaving home (*Tbilisi Only)

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