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Buy now, pay over 6 months

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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I use Rebank's shopping card?
TopCard is our shopping card with a limit of up to 10 000 GEL. Top|Card allows you to buy any product or service today and pay over the following months. If u pay in recommended time, you won't get an additional % or commission.
What are the requirements to apply for the TopCard?
You are expected to have a proven, regular income. In addition to this, your credit history and ongoing liabilities are also considered.
Do I pay any extra fees
If you follow the recommended payment schedule, there are no extra fees applied. You just repay the total sum you have spent. Ordering Top|Card is free of charge and there is no annual service fee as well.
Divide expenses without any extra charges
No extra charges when you split the price equally into the months set by Rebank partner merchants
No added costs!
You pay only the price of what you buy, the commission fee is covered by our partner.
Pre-approved limit
Get your pre-approved limit from 250 to 10000 GEL once and apply it wherever you want. You can reuse the limit as many times as you want. On top of that, you can withdraw the approved limit from any ATM.
Money withdrawing
You can withdraw TopCard installment limit from any ATM in Georgia or transfer money to any bank account.
Payment splitting example |
5th January
You purchased 3000₾ of electronics in the Rebank's partner shop. For this partner, recommended payment is within 3 months.
16th January
You used 1000₾ installment limit in a touristic agency. For this partner, recommended payment is within 2 months.
20th January
You visited a restaurant with a friend, where you spent 100₾. For this partner, recommended payment is within 1 month

  • February 1,600 ₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3) + 500 (Touristic agency service / 2)+ 100 (Restaurant fee)
  • March 1,500₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3) + 500 (Touristic agency service / 2)
  • April 1,000₾ = 1000 (Electronics price / 3)
How to Get TopCard?
Contact our contact center:
(+995 32) 222 25 25 | *2525
* Please note that we require the confirmation of your income.
Payment Calculation and Repayment
A text message (SMS) is sent to your mobile number on the 2nd of each month; The SMS indicates the minimum and recommended payment as of the 1st day of the month;
Please wait for our SMS notification to make a payment. You can clear your debt in full or in parts by the 15th of the month;
Recommended and minimum amount
If your funds are not enough to pay the recommended amount, you can choose the minimum amount. In this case, the payment shall no longer be interest-free, and the interest rate will be applied;

*Please note that the transactions made at the end of the month may not be included in the monthly calculation. They will be calculated in the next month.

TopCard payment
Order card and get it without leaving home (*Tbilisi Only)

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