Payroll Program
Individual Salary Card
Salary card that is not your company’s, but your personal choice.

  • We serve you without charging service fee:
    • 0% service fee upon cash withdrawal from any ATM.
      • You will no longer have to walk long distances for searching for an ATM. The nearest ATM is yours and is free of charge.
    • 0% service fee for cash deposits to the card
      • In case you need to deposit cash to your card, you may utilize TBC Pay’s machines, which will enable you to make the respective action free of charge, therefore without losing service fee.
    • 0% while making money transfers to any bank
      • In case you are transferring money to your friend, acquaintance or family members at other banks – you will not be charged with the service fee.
  • Cashback up to 5%
    • +0,5% upon making a payment with a card
      • Upon making a payment with your card at any shopping or service store, you will receive 0,5% as cashback. You may use the respective cashback as you desire.
    • Up to +5% at partners
      • Cashback at our partners is up to 5 %, which will be returned to you as cash on your account and that you can spend as you desire.
  • Transfer up to 6% Interest will be accrued on your account
    • The balance on your card will accrue an annual 6 % of interest.
      • თIn case you do not withdraw your salary instantly upon received – you will receive interest in such a scenario and your daily balance will accrue an annual 6 % income for you.
  • We fund you upon need
    • Up to 5000 GEL limit on ReBank’s interest-free installment card - Top|Card;
    • Up to 50 000 GEL loan for consolidating others loans and refinancing, or for any other purpose;
    • Up to 20 000 GEL loan for any purpose;
    • Overdraft in the amount of 90 % of a salary.

  • Top|Card - Truly 0 % card for shopping
    • Up to 12-months of interest-free installment at partners’;
    • Installment on everything, items, and services;
    • Pre-approved limit of up to 5000 GEL;
    • Possibility to fully utilize the installment limit;
    • As a bonus, you will receive the first installment anywhere free of charge.
  • Refinance loan – one loan - one payment - Unite all the loans, consolidate them and receive 3-months of the grace period.
    • Maximum amount – up to 50 000 GEL;
    • Maximum period – up to 4 years;
    • Interest rate – starting from an annual 6%;
    • Grace period – 3 months.
  • Easy and fast consumer loan for any purpose
    • Maximum amount – up to 20 000 GEL
    • Maximum period – up to 4 years
    • Interest rate – starting from an annual 6 % (effective from 16 %)
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